461-025-0375    Effective 01/01/14
Final Order; Timeliness and Effective Date

  1. A Final Order will be issued or the case otherwise resolved:

    1. In public assistance and medical assistance cases not later than 90 days following the request for hearing.

    2. In cases involving only the SNAP program not later than 60 days following the request for hearing; and

    3. In IPV cases within 90 days of the date the claimant was notified in writing that a hearing had been scheduled.

  2. Delay due to a postponement or continuance granted at claimant's request shall not be counted in computing the time limits specified in section (1) of this rule.

  3. The final order is effective immediately upon being signed or as otherwise provided in the order.

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 409.050, 411.060, 411.404, 411.816, 412.014, 412.049
Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 409.010, 411.060, 411.095, 411.404, 411.816, 412.014, 412.049

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