461-120-0010    Effective 02/21/24 - Technical Amendment
Residency Requirements

  1. To be eligible for benefits, an individual must be a resident of Oregon.

  2. Except as provided otherwise in OAR 461-120-0030 and this rule, an individual is a resident of Oregon if the individual lives in Oregon.

  3. There is no minimum amount of time an individual must live in Oregon to be a resident. However, the individual must intend to remain in Oregon except in the following situations:

    1. EA may be issued to help an individual return to a former state of residence.

    2. In the OSIPM, QMB, and REFM programs, when an individual is presumed incapable of forming an intent to reside under OAR 461-120-0050.

    3. In the OSIPM, QMB, REF, and TANF programs, an individual is considered a resident if the individual entered Oregon with a job commitment or looking for work, and is not receiving benefits from another state.

    4. The SNAP program does not require intent to remain to establish residency.

    5. In the TA-DVS program, to the extent permitted under OAR 461-135-1200.

  4. An individual is not a resident if the individual is in Oregon solely for a vacation.

  5. An individual continues to be a resident of Oregon during a temporary period of absence if the individual intends to return when the purpose of the absence is completed; and, in the TANF program, the individual remains in the household group under OAR 461-110-0210.

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