461-185-0050    Effective 02/18/21 - Technical Amendment
Client Pay-In System

  1. Except as provided in sections (2) and (3) of this rule, a client who receives home and community-based care (see OAR 461-001-0030) in-home services and has countable income above the payment standard for the benefit group must pay to the Department the lesser of the following amounts as a condition of being eligible for home and community-based care in-home services:

    1. The client's adjusted income (see OAR 461-160-0620).

    2. The actual cost of home and community-based care in-home services.

  2. The service liability of clients in OSIPM-ICP is calculated in accordance with section (1) of this rule. Clients in OSIPM-ICP do not pay the Department directly. The ICP service payment of these clients will be reduced by the amount of their liability.

  3. A client exempt from payments under OAR 461-160-0610 is exempt from the payment required by this rule.

  4. Each month, the Department will send the client an invoice requesting payment based on the calculation in section (1) of this rule.

  5. Payments must be received by the Department in the month of service.

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 411.060, 411.070, 411.404
Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 411.060, 411.070, 411.404

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