Administrative Rules

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Number Title Effective Date
461-025-0300Contested Case Hearings  04/01/13
461-025-0301Lay Representation in Contested Case Hearings  07/01/14
461-025-0305Definitions Tech Amend  01/01/10
461-025-0310Hearing Requests Tech Amend  01/02/18
461-025-0311Continuation of Benefits  01/01/11
461-025-0315 Expedited Hearings  07/01/19
461-025-0316Intentional Program Violation (IPV) Hearings; SNAP, ERDC, TANF, SFPSS, REF, and REFM Programs  04/01/20
461-025-0320Group Hearings Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0325 Informal Conference Tech Amend  06/13/08
461-025-0330Evidence Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0331Burden of Proof Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0332Burden of Proof  07/01/00
461-025-0335Subpoenas and Depositions Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0340Expenses Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0344Division's Duty to Assist Claimant Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0345The Hearing Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0346Continuances Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0347Ex Parte Communications Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0350Withdrawals of Hearing Requests Tech Amend  01/01/10
461-025-0355Dismissals Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0356Dismissal for Failure to Appear Tech Amend  02/17/11
461-025-0360Postponements Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0365Role of the Hearing Officer Repealed  01/01/00
461-025-0371Proposed and Final Orders  10/01/11
461-025-0375Final Order; Timeliness and Effective Date  01/01/14

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