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Number Title Effective Date
461-155-0360 Pursuit of Cost-Effective Employer Sponsored Health Insurance  09/01/16
461-155-0390Maintenance Standard; TAP Repealed  02/01/99
461-155-0500Special Needs; Overview Tech Amend  12/14/21
461-155-0510 Special Need in Combined OSIP/REF/TANF Cases Tech Amend  05/21/10
461-155-0520Special Need; Adult Foster Care (AFC) Repealed  01/01/06
461-155-0525Special Need; Cooperation Incentive Supplement Repealed  01/01/01
461-155-0526Special Need; Community Transition Services; OSIP and OSIPM  10/01/18
461-155-0528 Special Need; Emergency Assistance; OSIPM Repealed  01/01/12
461-155-0530Special Need; Food for Guide Dogs and Special Assistance Animals  10/01/13
461-155-0551Special Need; Home Adaptations to Accommodate a Client's Physical Condition Repealed  07/01/17
461-155-0560Special Need; Household Equipment and Furniture Repealed  05/01/03
461-155-0570Special Need; Housekeeper/Homemaker Services Repealed  07/01/94
461-155-0575 Special Need; In-home Supplement; OSIPM  01/01/16
461-155-0580Special Need; Laundry Allowances  07/01/17
461-155-0600 Special Need; Home Repairs; OSIP and OSIPM  10/01/17
461-155-0610 Special Need; Moving Costs; OSIP and OSIPM  10/01/17
461-155-0620Special Need; Property Taxes  07/01/17
461-155-0630 Special Need; Community-Based Care; OSIPM  01/01/23
461-155-0640Special Need; Restaurant Meals Repealed  07/01/17
461-155-0650Special Need; Room and Board Repealed  07/01/08
461-155-0660Special Need; Accommodation Allowance  07/08/20
461-155-0670Special Need; Special Diet Allowance Temp Eff 12/16/21 through 06/13/22
461-155-0680 Special Need -- Supplemental Communication Allowance; OSIPM  10/01/17
461-155-0688Prescription Drug Co-pay Coverage  07/01/17
461-155-0690Special Need; Transportation Costs Repealed  07/01/08

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